Oct 24

Today October 24th, 2013, the Northbound primary inspection lanes 10 to 17 will be reopened in the San Ysidro border crossing. But lanes 19 through 26 will suffer closings as a result of new improvement works such as installing the necessary steel poles for a new canopy.

These lane closures are being scheduled in groups of 6 lanes closed at a time, to prevent further traffic congestion in the border crossing. Please note that the construction work will only affect Northbound lanes, going from Mexico into the United States.

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Sep 10

A 12-year old boy from Chula Vista, who ran away from home last Friday, was found in Tijuana on Monday night. Samuel Saunders, who is a student at Rancho del Rey Middle School was spotted in Tijuana by Mexican authorities after they received an annonymous tip letting them know of his presence in that border city. He was returned safe and sound to his family.

But his friend, another 12 year old from the same school, is still missing. He is suspected to be in Tijuana as well, where he has family.

Both boys ran away on Friday around 11AM after they got in trouble at school, and apparently went South of the border to avoid punishment. The missing boy answers to the name of Jermayn Navarro. He is 5 feet 4 inches tall and 120 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He could be wearing a black shirt, white shorts and a black and red hat with “Levis” written on it. Anyone with information is asked to call Chula Vista police at (619) 691-5151.

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Sep 5

More than 3,000 teachers in the city of Tijuana invaded the streets yesterday morning creating chaos and keeping vehicles from getting to their destinations. More than 5,000 Tijuana residents were affected and were late for work.
As part of a nationwide movement against the educational reform that Mexico’s president proposed (and was approved yesterday), the Tijuana teachers stopped doing their jobs and instead flooded the area around Blvd Sanchez Taboada and Paseo de los Heroes, leaving dozens of schools closed and thousands of children without education.
Funny thing is, their main complaint is that the education reform demands that every teacher passes a test proving their capabilities and abilities to teach, which in my personal opinion is quite logical and fair, taking into account the terrible quality of the education in Mexico. But nooooooooooo, Mexican teachers want to keep on buying their positions instead of earning them, and want to continue un-educating the population.

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Aug 26

Two police officers from the city of Tijuana, Baja California, have been accused of extortion after an American businessman contacted the Internal Affairs department of the PGJE (state police) and informed them that two Tijuana cops were demanding a $10,000 USD bribe from him. According to the victim, his business is to recruit workers for the fields in the United States, get them a work permit and transport them to that country.

Last Monday, the victim setup a group of applicants in a hotel in Tijuana, while waiting for their paperwork to go through. Two police officers saw the group and demanded an explanation. The businessman showed his documents, explained the situation and even showed them proof of their visa applications. But the police officers demanded money in exchange for not arresting him for human trafficking, as well as threatening him with planting drugs in his hotel room.

The victim proceeded to give them $4,000 USD in two installments and promised to pay more the following day. He then contacted Internal Affairs.

On the date of their next meeting, Internal Affairs setup a sting and arrested the officer Martín Rodríguez Abosta, while his partner, Juan Antonio Hernández Sahagún took off running and still hasn’t been located.

But the arrest did not solve the situation. The victim was called to the Internal Affairs offices in Tijuana, where he was brought into a closed room for more than 7 hours for “interrogation”. His attorney was not allowed to be present and threatened to sue the director of I.A. for denying his client his rights, but nothing came out of it. No further information is available as of yet.

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Jun 3

Dozens of cases of hepatitis A have been reported in several states in the US, most of them happening in California in the San Diego area. Only one case has been reported so far in the border city of Tijuana. These cases have been linked to frozen mixed berries purchased from Costco.
The FDA is investigating along with the Centers for Disease Control in an outbreak of hepatitis A cases believed to be associated with Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend of frozen berries, sold at Costco stores.

The first cases of hepatitis linked to this fruit blend were reported on April 29th and until the end of May, new cases were surfacing, since on average it takes 30 days to become ill with hepatitis A after eating contaminated food.

Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend frozen berries purchased from Costco appear to be the source of this outbreak. This blend includes cherries, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, raspberries and strawberries. Costco has removed this product from its shelves, although a formal recall has not been issued.

FDA is further investigating this product, including testing berries for the hepatitis A virus. The investigation may take several weeks to complete.

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May 14

This applies to all American citizens living in Mexico, which obviously includes those of us living in Baja:

From the IRS Website:
Automatic 2-month extension. You are allowed an automatic 2-month extension to file your return and pay federal income tax if you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien, and on the regular due date of your return:

You are living outside the United States and Puerto Rico and your main place of business or post of duty is outside the United States and Puerto Rico, or

You are in military or naval service on duty outside the United States and Puerto Rico.

If you use a calendar year, the regular due date of your return is April 15. Even if you are allowed an extension, you will have to pay interest on any tax not paid by the regular due date of your return.

This means that you MUST file your taxes by June 15th. If that is not enough time for you, you can apply for an extension by filling out the form 4868, which can be found at

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Apr 29

The ROSARITO – ENSENADA BIKE RIDE will take place this year on May 4th, 2013, starting at 10AM. This 50 mile bicycle ride takes participants along the Pacific Coast and inland through the beautiful Baja countryside. From the town of Rosarito Beach all the way to the city of Ensenada, bike riders will partake in the amazing scenery, and enjoy the roadside facilities that the race operators have setup for them: stands with water, juices and medical supplies, among others.

Upon arriving at the finish line, riders will enjoy the already famous Finish Line Fiesta on the Ensenada waterfront, which includes typical Mexican food, drinks and live music until sunset.

For more information:
United States Participants (English): Coaction Events | 619-630-8004 (mobile)

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