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Hehee.. :) Ok, I know I could have come up with a title that fit the topic better, but for some reason I just could not help myself. This Gas article is more about something that really effects us all, in more ways than one.

Gas. Does it hurt?

No really. We all know about the LNG plant that is being built about 55 miles south of the border, but some of you may not know that it is almost finished!! Thats right. They are almost done with the plant, and it will be ready to recieve and ship out thousands of liters of the fuel to all points of the world.

LNG is a supercooled, liquid version of natural gas, the fuel used widely to heat water, warm homes and drive electricity-generating plants. I have read in a few places, that the super cooling of the gas makes it as stable as the gas you use in your car. At least that is, until it is warmed up again.

The fear about the use if this gas, is simply the new types of pollution that it will produce in areas that are already over polluted!
The Sempra fuel is “hot gas” in industry parlance, laden with compounds such as butane, propane and ethane that cause substantially more nitrous-oxide pollution when burned than most gas now used in Southern California.

Nitrous-oxide emissions play a major role in causing ozone pollution, a prime component of Southern California’s air-quality problems. While some of the gas now burned in the region is similar to that which will be imported from Costa Azul, pollution experts say the critical factor is that the average quality of gas now used here is significantly higher. ( if you ask me, the US Government is just saying that to stop the Mexicans from selling the gas in the US, and keeping that market for themselves! )

We shall see what happens, and how it effects the area. People have already tried to stop the plant with protests and letters, but it’s now almost done.

For better or worse the LNG plant is here!

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