Dec 16

A few days ago (on December 5th), Rosarito and North Ensenada residents felt a huge explosion shake their homes (my own house shook like it was in the middle of a sudden tornado, which was pretty scary). The cause? a violent explosion at Fox Studios, that killed one person and injured three others in a freak accident inside of one of the studios on the Fox movie lot just south of the Foxploration theme park. The damage was confined to one building, but sent huge clouds of smoke into the air. The blast blew out windows and shook buildings all around the area, and the sound was heard all the way to Bajamar. The explosion was caused by mishandling of explosives used for special effects.

Fox Studios looked like a CSI crime scene. Within minutes, five Federal black and white units arrived, followed by Rosarito Municipal police, fire, and at least seven Cruz Roja ambulances. The front gates of the studio were immediately closed off until it was determined that the explosion was a localized event. Apparently, Fox Studios needed to move a stockpile of dynamite, and called in the military to discard the dangerous material. While moving the dynamite, a slight mistake by one of the handlers created a real life special effects drama. The fire department dispatched a hazmat unit, but it was unclear why it was not being used prior to the explosion. SEMFO, Rosarito’s very own CSI team, sifted through the debris for evidence and removed the body from the scene. The fatality was a Mexican soldier who was assisting in moving the dynamite.

Jorge Rodrequez, owner of La Vid, a wine tasting room across the street from Foxploration said, “I was standing behind the bar and felt first this big wind or compression forced in through the open door. Then dirt flew in all over the tables. The explosion was so loud I hit the ground behind the bar. I thought maybe there were terrorists.” The force of the explosion knocked things off the walls, and wine glasses off the shelves. Other buildings facing the studio had windows blown out. “Everyone was very scared: reported Rodrequez. “I wondered - what else do they have in there?!”

A white billowing cloud could be seen all the way to Castillos Del Mar, where a resident reported that she thought at first that the sound was created by the huge surf that day, like waves crashing near her ocean front home. Then she said, “No, it was too big for that, but maybe it was a gas explosion caused by new construction in the area.”

In Primo Tapia, a visitor to the area said she had felt the blast even at that distance and it shook the windows and sounded like navy bombing off the coast. It was loud enough to be heard all the way to Bajamar, where golfers stopped briefly, wondering about its origin.

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