Jun 23

About 8 months ago, I went for a yearly checkup to the little dental clinic that doctor Leticia Fernandez has in Rosarito Beach. Both her and her partner examined me and told me that I had 14 cavities. I was really concerned, since I’ve always had pretty good dental health, and I have no pain or any discomfort at all, so I went to get a second opinion from another dentist in town, doctor Elga Vega, who then told me that I didn’t have 14, but 16 cavities!

Horrified, I went back to the Leticia Fernandez’ clinic, to get started fixing my mouth. She then had a student drill into 3 of my molars. This young lady drilled too deep, and as a result, even after the holes were patched, I experienced really intense sensitivity. After unsuccessfully trying to correct the problem for over two weeks, they ended up removing the fillings and putting in temporary ones, which got rid of the sensitivity.

As you can imagine, I was very unhappy with the work done, so I decided to go to Cuba and had my teeth done in that country. Many years ago I had a little bit of dental work done there, and so did my mother, and we were both very happy with it. We all know that medical care in Cuba is excellent, so no wonder!

To make a long story short, I went in ready to have my molars fixed and upon examining me, the dentist in Cuba told me that I have NO CAVITIES AT ALL! Since she saw the skeptical look on my face, she called an oral surgeon for “confirmation”, who came in, examined my mouth even using laser-based light, and came to the same conclusion: I have no cavities! It seems that the natural indentations on top of my molars are a little deeper than most people’s and crappy dentists could mistake those for cavities. You can conclude that the 3 molars that those people “fixed” were healthy in the first place!

So, if you need to have dental work done, do not do it in Rosarito! I had heard plenty of horror stories about dentists in town, but thought people were just over-reacting. I know that it is cheaper to have your teeth fixed in Baja, but at least in the US you have recourse against dentists. So I really encourage you to be very leery, and if possible go with a dentist in the US, and definitely other than these ignorant ones that I’ve mentioned above.

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