Jun 12

I posted about the new Border Fast Pass a few weeks ago, and today I want to add some updated information, such as where you can get your Border Fast Pass, etc.

How do I get a Fast Track pass?
Certain merchants in the city of Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana carry the Border Fast Pass. As the program develops, more will be added.

If you are visiting Rosarito, you may obtain your Fast Track pass by visiting these establishments:
o Grand Baja Resort
o Las Rocas
o Rosarito Beach Hotel
o Festival Plaza
o Calafia Hotel
o Brisas del Mar Hotel
o La Casa de la Langosta restaurant
o Puerto Nuevo II restaurant
o Fausto Polanco hacienda furniture
Check with the hotel for specific requirements. Some will offer the pass with a package and others for visiting the spa, restaurants, etc. at the hotel and spending about U.S. $70 ($1000 pesos).

If you are visiting Ensenada, first obtain your Ensenada Distinguished Visitor Card. The card is $12, but the discounts you will receive will pay back the cost of the card quickly. The Ensenada Distinguished Visitor Card may be purchased from our website. You may then obtain the Border Fast Pass by visiting the merchants who are participating in the Fast Track program and spending about U.S. $70 ($1000 pesos). We advise to confirm with the hotel or venue first that they offer the Fast Track and how to get it once you are there.
Program participants:
o Posada El Rey Sol
o Estero Beach Hotel
o Adobe Guadalupe Hotel
o Desert Inn Hotel
o Best Western El Cid
o El Cortez Baja Inn
o Hotel Santo Tomas Baja Inn
o El Rey Sol restaurant
o Sano’s Steak House
o Playitas Club del Mar

Establishments in Tijuana offering the Border Fast Pass:
o La Casa del Mole - Playas de Tijuana
o Real del Rio
o Corona Plaza Hotel
o La CarnicerĂ­a
o Vivamex Health Care
o Caliente
o Vita Spa

What border crossings have a Fast Track lane?
Only the San Ysidro border crossing has special Border Fast Pass lane at this time.

Where is the Fast Track lane located?
If you are heading to the border from the scenic toll road, once you are near the border line on Calle Segunda, you will take the far right lane that is sectioned off by concrete dividers and parallels the regular border line. Look for the blue signs that say “With Pass Only” and the blue signs that say “Medical Services.” After going up the bridge, you will see a booth with an official who will take your Fast Track pass and give you access to the lane. What a breeze!

How much does it cost to get a Fast Track pass?
The pass is free once you have met the requirements mentioned above.

Currently the Border Fast Pass program is a pilot program. If the lane is a success, more lanes will be added. This lane will significantly reduce your wait time to get back into the U.S. Reports say the wait on average is 30 minutes or so, but officials say the goal is a 15 minute wait. This line is is similar to the SENTRI in that you can cross the border faster, however there is no background check and the pass is only good for one crossing.

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