May 29

First off, let me explain that the camps that are being spoken about is not a place for tents, it is about places where homes have been built, some costing in the millions of dollars, and some that are trailers. But either way, they are someones home.

So, to have a home here in Baja California ( south of the border ) you need a few things to live legally. The first is an FM3, which is a document that you get from the Mexican government that will later allow you to get a bank trust for a home that you want to purchase. An FM3 looks a lot like a passport, and it acts like one giving you multiple entires in cities throught out mexico, as well as other legal advantages such as opening a bank account.

Next we have a bank trust. If you want to buy land in Mexico within the federally protected zones, then you will need to establish a bank trust. That is basically that you have the bank purchase the land in your name. You have the right to build, sell will it to someone, and all of the things that you could have done in the US.

Now some of you might want to live right on the water with the beach as your back yard, and this can be done. BUT it is expensive, and there are lots of people to deal with and forms to fill out. Tons of paperwork to be prepared, and then you still may not get the federal consession that you want. And this brings us to the point of the title.

Many Americans have lived in Baja Claifornia for years, and have had parts of these documents, and some have all of them, and others just don’t care. Well the Government agency that takes care of all this PROFEPA is no cracking down. ( Could this be because of the things with immigration that are going on in the states? Maybe, maybe not. Or it could be because a lot of developers want that property right now, and that is the major rumor that is going around! ) But no matter what it is, these people are in deep doodoo for not having the correct papers. They stand to lose their homes that some have lived in for twenty years or more, some face deportation, and some could even face criminal charges.

Mexico is a safe and beautiful place to live, provding you follow the laws, just as you have in the United States. Remember that you are a guest in Mexico, and have no real rights to try and change things. So act like a guest. When you find a piece of property or a condo, or a house that you want to buy, make sure to use a real estate agent! I can point to at least 50 of them in Rosarito Beach alone that speak English, and have sold enough homes to know what you need, and DONT need to buy, and live happily in Baja California.

I left out all of the legal jargin so that this would be easier to understand. So if you are looking to buy, you will get all the legaleese that you can take. But the gereral idea is that if you find out all of requirments, and meet them, then you wont have a problem in Baja California. In other words if you own, or want to buy property on the Beach in Mexico, you NEED the federal consession and all that go along with it. So do your self the favor, and find out what you need, LONG before you hand someone money!

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  1. A certain Says:

    yeah I knew that if any one buys land there they would be just getting ripped off,by the corrupt Goverment.

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